The organization

From private assistance to the association


On 31.01.2024, our association has now received recognition from the tax office regarding its non-profit status. We can therefore now issue donation receipts for donations from Germany.


On 09.01.2024 we (Andrea Lehmann, Nicole Schimkowiak and Markus Schurz) founded an unregistered association. As of today, we also have our own association account so that we can receive donations from now on. The decision of the tax office about the non-profit status is still pending.


Based on our information and a phone call with the tax office, we have decided to set up an unregistered association. This will allow us to open an association account and donations will then be managed via this account. With the articles of association and various supporting documents, we can then apply to the tax office for non-profit status. This will enable us to issue donation receipts and receive tax relief.


This initiative is a private initiative, both in Kigoma and here in Dresden. We are trying to set up a music school together, but this is only possible to a limited extent privately. Therefore, one goal is to found a donation association here in Germany so that the money raised can be clearly and correctly recorded for tax purposes.