The requirement

the enrolled students

At this point, I would like to give you an overview of what is needed for a functioning music school and the magnitudes involved.

Apart from the fact that we want to find and finance suitable rooms in the future, we are currently looking for instruments. The order in which we will buy them has not yet been decided. However, we want to get the music school up and running first, so we are certainly not starting with sound technology, but with instruments.

Although I have sent a parcel to Kigoma on a trial basis, I don’t think this is a viable option. The shipping costs are very high and we also have to pay customs duties, the amount of which I couldn’t understand. In Kigoma and Tanzania in general, there are also music stores that we should use for shopping. Therefore, cash donations are the best option.

1Bass guitar and amplifier700 € – 800 €
1E-Piano / Keyboardca. 1500 €
1Drum-Set1000 € – 1500 €
4acoustic guitarseach 110 €

In addition, smaller items are always needed, such as guitar strings, guitar stands, music paper and office supplies.